Fresh Mind

Design your best self

Fresh Mind is an evolutionary self transformation programme bringing you a complete cognitive performance upgrade.

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Designed On Great Foundations

Fresh Mind is a comprehensive programme built on solid foundations of timeless teachings from psychology, philosophy and human cognition.

Total Cognitive Performance Upgrade

Fresh Mind is the first programme delivering pure and complete upgrade to your cognitive operating system.

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Fresh Mind Is Perfect For You

Fresh Mind is for leaders in the age of exponential human growth. You now have the choice to go beyond success and lead your perfect life ahead.

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Your Self Transformation Experience

Fresh Mind is a three month self transformation experience. Fresh Mind results are permanent and enable your progress for life.

State Assessment

We capture and illustrate a complete picture of your current state of mind.

1 week. 2 hrs per week

Somatic Setup

We help you prepare your body for the mind upgrade to come.

1 week. 2 hrs per week

Perfect Purification

We guide you through upgrade of your entire cognitive architecture.

10 weeks. ~4 hrs per week

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Choose Your Fresh Mind

Fresh Mind is available in three distinct options. Integral coaches deliver Fresh Mind to you in completely customised way. Every session caters to your exact needs.


You are a corporate executive. You want to obtain total clarity of mind around your schedule.


You are a startup founder or a business owner. You want complete cognitive performance to upgrade your entire industry.


You are looking to upgrade your coaching. You want to coach from higher insights and create longer lasting impact.

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Meet Fresh Mind Expert Coaches

Polymathic leaders from variety of expert fields comprise Integral team. All Integral coaches have Fresh Mind Executive Programme Certification.

Coach Jason Grant

Jason Grant, MSc

Jason got into sports coaching informally in his teenage years. His fascination with human performance and psychology got him involved in advising and mentoring startup founders at the age of 23. Ever since then Jason coached designers, business people and coaches in a formal way.

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Results And Insights From Our Clients

This a selection of numerous insights which our Fresh Mind clients have realised so far.

"I found my perfect husband after three sessions of Fresh Mind."

Leading Female Business Coach, Malta

"I am now regularly dealing with millionaires and billionaire clients."

Leading Designer and CEO, UK

"I have reconnected with my family in a deep and meaningful way. It's now pleasure to spend time with them."

Entrepreneur, UK

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"Hurt men oppress. Hurt women suppress. Healed me express. Healed women impress."

Jason Grant

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And start living your perfect life